Year: 2014

Get mySleepbutton for Android on Google Play

CogSci Apps Corp. is pleased to announce that mySleepButton™ is now available on Google Play. This first release of mySleepButton for Android benefits from the multiple enhancements we have made to mySleepButton for iPhone over the last several months. These

Simon Fraser University Cognitive Science Article on mySleepButton

Simon Fraser University’s Cognitive Science program has posted the following article on mySleepButton and my research Shuffle your mind to sweet dreams, saying “More than 150 million individuals suffer from insomnia just in the developing world,1 and around 60 million

mySleepButton Research Update—September 2014

Research update. First, plans are under way for several experiments aimed at characterizing super-somnolent mentation with the cognitive shuffle technique (the technique used by mySleepButton) in the coming months. These technology-enabled experiments are expected to take place with established sleep

Brett Terpstra, Read and Trust Productivity Blogger, Podcaster, App Developer

The act of changing completely what you’re thinking about every 15 seconds or so disrupts your brain from being able to get onto what you were thinking about, to get onto those racing thoughts that keep you awake at night…

Brett Terpstra, Read and Trust Productivity Blogger, Endorses mySleepButton

Productivity software guru and Read and Trust blogger, Brett Terpstra, recommended mySleepButton in episode #104 of Systematic. Systematic is a 5by5 podcast that focuses on topics that are near and dear to CogSci Apps Corp. and CogZest, namely creativity, productivity,

Dr. Tomas Kuca, Anesthesiologist

“I’ve been trying out your app – It’s a fantastic concept and it’s definitely effective. ” Dr. Tomas Kuca, Anesthesiologist

Ken MacAllister ‏@kenmacallister May 24

Trouble sleeping? The free, app from @CogSciApps will knock you out without drugs. I tried it, and it really works.

Federal Government of Canada on mySleepButton and The Cognitive Shuffle

The Government of Canada’s health research investment agency featured mySleepButton™ and the cognitive shuffle this week! The Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR/IRSC) posted two entries about mySleepButton and Luc’s research on the cognitive shuffle. On their Health Research in Canada/La recherche en santé

Cartoon and Article by The Peak on mySleepButton and The Cognitive Shuffle

Leah Bjornson wrote a great article on mySleepButton and the cognitive shuffle for The Peak Newspaper: Insomnia? There’s an app for that. Notice how Chen Chen’s wonderful cartoon illustrates mySleepButton shuffling the woman’s mind to sleep. I love visual art!

James Harcus (Port Coquitlam Firefighter)

I’ve been using the cognitive shuffle for over a year now. Every time I can’t get to sleep because I have had too much coffee or whatever, I just do the cognitive shuffle and it knocks me into sleep.