mySleepButton Research Update—September 2014

Research update.

First, plans are under way for several experiments aimed at characterizing super-somnolent mentation with the cognitive shuffle technique (the technique used by mySleepButton) in the coming months.

These technology-enabled experiments are expected to take place with established sleep researchers at:

  • L’Université de Montréal
  • Syracuse University
  • MacEwan University
  • Potentially elsewhere.

and involve CogSci Apps Corp. co-founder, Luc Beaudoin, at Simon Fraser University.

We expect this research to lead to independent publications on this subject.

Second, Beaudoin presented a paper at a workshop of the Cognitive Science Society’s 2014 Annual Conference in Quebec City. It extended and explained the theoretical basis for mySleepButton which is designed to inhibit unhelpful affect while producing a mental state that is positively conducive to sleep-onset.

Third, Luc and academic colleagues are conducting more original research on sleep and tertiary emotion (“perturbance”) that will continue to inform CogSci Apps. This will lead to more scholarly papers in these intersecting domains.

Stay tuned for official, more detailed announcements and more helpful things to come.

President, CogSci Apps Corp. Author, Cognitive Productivity

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