Shuffle Your Thoughts to Sleep…

mySleepButton is an app designed to help you fall asleep. It’s based on our contribution to cognitive science. Just press the “Put Me to Sleep” button, close your eyes, and imagine the various things mySleepButton reads to you as you fall asleep.

Sleep-onset Reimagined

It’s much easier to fall asleep when:

  1. you keep your mind off the kind of thinking that keeps you awake,
  2. your mind wanders from one “random” image to another.

mySleepButton is designed to put your mind in this sleep-inducing state.

All you need to do is:

  • press the “Put Me to Sleep” button, and
  • imagine the diverse things mentioned by the app.

This will keep your mind off your concerns and into a state that is wonderfully conducive to sleep…

It’s that simple.

mySleepButton Home Screen

mySleepButton Home Screen

Let your Imagination Lull You to Sleep

Adults live in a very “left-brain” world dominated by language and thinking. Young children in contrast spend a lot of time imagining and playing. Of course, adults look at a lot of images — videos, TV, film, photos and logos. But they tend to do so passively, and usually with lots of chatter (whether it’s vocal or not).

Sleep researchers have found that as people fall asleep, they often experience visual images and “micro-dreams”. The diverse images people imagine may help them fall asleep.

In contrast, continuing to think in a verbal, analytic, problem-solving mode can delay sleep onset.

mySleepButton induces you to replace your internal mental dialog with a dreamy parade of sundry images that are conducive to sleep.

Choose What You Imagine (mySleepButton Pack)

mySleepButton gives you the choice between several different kinds of things to imagine, each in its own mySleepButton Pack:

  • Simple Things (single words or short phrases),
  • Scenes (multi-word phrases, e.g., “Bird on a branch”), and
  • Things to Draw.
mySleepButton modes

mySleepButton modes

Play to Sleep

Many busy people are not only sleep deprived, they’re play deprived. As Dr. Stuart Brown, author of the book, Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, says:

a highly playful child or adult is not going to be depressed. It’s a signal of good emotional health. And conversely, the lack of play and the downer which that evokes in most of us is smoldering depression. […] the evidence is so solid that if you do incorporate healthy play into your life your performance is going to be better, your health is going to be better, your relationships are going to better.

Dr. Stuart Brown

mySleepButton is a playful app.

There is even a game-like way of using the principles leveraged by mySleepButton: Do-It-Yourself Cognitive Shuffle.

Be an Artist: Imagine Drawing to Sleep

Not only do people not play enough, or imagine enough, they don’t draw enough either. Well, who would have thought that a sleep app could also let you draw?

When you choose the “Things to Draw” mySleepButton pack, the app names things to imagine yourself drawing, one at a time. Fortunately, drawing in your head is a lot easier than drawing on paper. Just imagine yourself easily drawing the item!

Will imagining yourself drawing help you draw during the day? Many psychologists believe visualization does help performance. For example, as a way to practice, some professional hockey players imagine themselves scoring. Find out if it works for you!



We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about mySleepButton. For example…

Recognition at FRSAC2017

At the 3rd annual First Responders Suicide Awareness conference, Dr. Patrick Baillie recommended mySleepButton as a useful tool.  As noted by Cst. Jeremy Shaw, sleep disorders among first responders are a big issue.

We are truly grateful that we can help so many, including first responders, with their sleep struggles.

Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian 2017-09-08

My top recommendation remains the visualisation method known as the “cognitive shuffle”: download the MySleepButton app, or just choose a letter of the alphabet and sequentially imagine objects beginning with that letter.

"No More Drugs": Anonymous Female Testimonial

I am 71 and have been unable to easily fall sleep without lorazepam for years. When I started reading about the possible harm the drug might be doing, I went into action. I read about sleep and tried a number of apps. Then I came across an article in Forbes. Then I read more about your app and the cognitive shuffle. I was intrigued. It made perfect sense.

I tried the app a week ago and I fell asleep. The next night I put it on for an hour so I would not end up worrying that it would end before I fell asleep. I have fallen asleep every night, sometimes in minutes, but never more than around 20 minutes. No more drugs.

Thank you.

(Anonymous, June 15,2017)

Lisa Brandt wrote "worked on me like a charm [...] effective every night since." (Testimonial)

Heard about this on and it works! If you have trouble falling asleep.... (Tweet)

I went into this technique with total disbelief, entirely skeptical. And it worked on me like a charm. It has been effective every night since. I love it because it’s drug-free and I can even do it with a cat sleeping on my hand. If you have trouble falling asleep I can’t guarantee it will work, but there is literally no harm in trying it.

Lisa Brandt: "Morning news/talker , VO pro , prof , author, Sepsis survivor. DIY & crafty type."


Marj "OMG – I was astonished. It worked" (May 1, 2017 testimonial)

All I can say is …. this is the answer to sleepless nights, when the hamster wheel is in overdrive. I feel like I haven’t slept for months, having a really tough time, waking up in the morning feeling exhausted. I heard a quick snip on CBC radio re: Serial Diverse Imaging, interest piqued for obvious reasons ! I down loaded the App last night, OMG – I was astonished. It worked, even though I woke up three times, each time putting mySleepButton back on, I fell right back to sleep. I want to say THANK you Dr.Beaudoin, and all the other scientists involved in coming up with this brilliant App.

(Testimonial from Marj on May 1, 2017.)

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How Does mySleepButton Compare to Other Sleep Apps?

mySleepButton uses a radically different approach to induce sleep than the other apps on the market.

  • mySleepButton is based on cognitive science, the modern science of mind.
  • mySleepButton leverages the new cognitive shuffle / super-somnolent mentation framework proposed by CogSci Apps Corp. co-founder, Dr. Luc Beaudoin.
  • mySleepButton radically improves upon the well-researched “imagery” sleep induction method.
  • mySleepButton gets you to serially imagine diverse things.
  • mySleepButton is extremely simple.
  • mySleepButton is laser-focused on sleep onset; it does not require that you enter personal data or delve into psychological issues.
  • mySleepButton has an option to imagine yourself drawing items, which can also induce sleep (and is fun!).
  • mySleepButton even has a DIY variant.
  • mySleepButton is also a tool for sleep researchers and cognitive scientists, meaning that it contributes to scientific knowledge.
  • mySleepButton is designed to help us continuously improve our understanding of sleep onset and to improve the app itself.
  • We have a backlog of new CogSci Apps™ features and enhancements to mySleepButton in the works; they are gradually being introduced in product updates.
  • mySleepButton deliberately involves a form of play; it’s fun!

mySleepButton is free to try on iOS, and less than $5 on Google Play (prices vary by jurisdiction). If you find it helpful, please consider purchasing one or more of the Full mySleepButton packs from the Packs tab. The packs give you more content to imagine. Developing a better cognitive sleep aid that does not involve medication has been a major objective of sleep research for a long time; we think mySleepButton delivers the goods. Your purchase will help fund our Research & Development to make this app even better. Because mySleepButton is also part of a scientific project, you are also supporting the development of a scientific tool. Hence you are supporting sleep research and cognitive science. This inexpensive app has the potential to help millions of people. Please also consider letting others know about mySleepButton.

CogSci Apps™ software is designed to work with the human mind. Although mySleepButton is fun, we take cognitive science very seriously. Compare Luc Beaudoin’s book, Cognitive Productivity: The Art and Science of Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective.

New Cognitive Science of Sleep-onset

mySleepButton is based on deep new insights about sleep-onset developed by Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin, co-founder of CogSci Apps Corp. He published his discovery in 2013 at Simon Fraser University. His method is based on the idea that normally sleep onset “mentation” is uniquely incoherent. (“Mentation” refers to all kinds of mental activity such as imagining, thinking, feeling, ruminating, regretting, wishing, worrying, pining, remembering, planning and problem solving.)

Here are the basic concepts.

  • Insomnolent mentation” is mentation that interferes with falling asleep.
  • Counter-insomnolent mentation” is mentation that interferes with insomnolent mentation (e.g., typical meditation and progress relaxation). That is what a lot of psychological techniques involve. But this is not always sufficient to push you over the edge into sleep!
  • Somnolent mentation” is thinking in a manner that signals to your brain that it is time to fall asleep.
  • Whereas waking mentation is characterized by sense-making, at sleep onset, the mind often serially produces diverse mental images and memories, a “cognitive shuffle“.

It stands to reason that if you can engage in mentation that is both counter-insomnolent and somnolent, you are much more likely to fall asleep. That is precisely what mySleepButton induces:

  • Super-somnolent mentation = Counter-insomnolent + somnolent mentation.

mySleepButton is the only app on the market designed to trigger super-somnolent mentation. In our tests, the cognitive shuffle was effective for the overwhelming majority of participants.

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You can even read about the concepts on which mySleepButton is based: super-somnolent mentation, the cognitive shuffle, and serial diverse imagining. They were created by Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin at Simon Fraser University.


So, give mySleepButton a try. And help your family and friends sleep better by letting them know through Twitter, Facebook, email and other social media that mySleepButton has helped you get more sleep.