Month: May 2014

Federal Government of Canada on mySleepButton and The Cognitive Shuffle

The Government of Canada’s health research investment agency featured mySleepButton™ and the cognitive shuffle this week! The Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR/IRSC) posted two entries about mySleepButton and Luc’s research on the cognitive shuffle. On their Health Research in Canada/La recherche en santé

Cartoon and Article by The Peak on mySleepButton and The Cognitive Shuffle

Leah Bjornson wrote a great article on mySleepButton and the cognitive shuffle for The Peak Newspaper: Insomnia? There’s an app for that. Notice how Chen Chen’s wonderful cartoon illustrates mySleepButton shuffling the woman’s mind to sleep. I love visual art!

James Harcus (Port Coquitlam Firefighter)

I’ve been using the cognitive shuffle for over a year now. Every time I can’t get to sleep because I have had too much coffee or whatever, I just do the cognitive shuffle and it knocks me into sleep.

Mike King (BC)

I’m a father of 5 kids and work full time. After a full day working I take the kids to baseball, volleyball and dance classes and usually don’t get home until 9pm. On May 12th, I was reading about the

Marylke Nieuwenhuis (BC)

“Heard the interview, downloaded the app and slept like a baby last night. :). This is awesome!” Marylke Nieuwenhuis (BC)

In the News: mySleepButton, the Cognitive Shuffle and Co-Founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin

mySleepButton® and CogSci Apps Corp. co founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin, have frequently been in the news and other media.

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Version 1.0.1, iPad version, and Drawing Mode Issue (Affects Free Packs Only [drawing and scene modes])

A couple of updates for you. Release notes: mySleepButton 1.0.1 Release notes are available here. Known issues with mySleepButton 1.0.1 are documented here. Fix is on the way! If you can’t find the app on the App Store, please follow the instructions here: documented here. That also

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Dr. B. (British Columbia)

A testimonial about mySleepButton: I downloaded the app onto my phone yesterday when I got home from work and started playing around with it. Hit the “Put Me to Sleep” button and started to listen. I was a bit unimpressed