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Media Highlights

Recent Press

mySleepButton® and CogSci Apps Corp. co founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin, have frequently featured in the media and news.

Psychology, Medicine and Other Mental Health Disciplines

Sleep researchers, such as Allison Harvey of UCLA Berkley, have long been calling for new cognitive treatments for insomnia. “Recognizing the complexity of different forms of thought and systematically identifying management strategies that are helpful and unhelpful for effectively managing unwanted thought while trying to get to sleep will be an important direction for future research” (Allison G. Harvey, Nicole K.Y. Tang and Lindsay Browning, 2005, p. 600). The cognitive shuffle is a rare response to this call.


mySleepButton and the cognitive shuffle have received attention from mental health professionals (psychologists and medical doctors that we know of, and we assume others).

mySleepButton® and cognitive science underlying it received a lot of media attention right out of the gate, starting on May 9, 2014.

  1. Beaudoin was interviewed by Linda Aylesworth on Global TV News BC for their 6 o’clock newscast. This was filmed during and after Luc’s presentation on sleep and cognitive productivity at Simon Fraser University’s Learning Together Conference.
  2. The feedback from users is quite positive, which corroborates the cognitive shuffle as a sleep aid, and mySleepButton in particular. We can’t say we’re surprised, because our own testing yielded great results that we couldn’t ignore, which is why we went ahead and implemented this app.
  3. However, the research programme on serial diverse imagining is just beginning. We have new experiments in the works in 2016. The data is collected and analyzed by Beaudoin’s collaborators (not our co-founder). We also encourage other researchers to run experiments on serial diverse imagining. (Some research questions are listed here.)

Critical Information Processing

Founder Luc P. Beaudoin is committed to knowledge translation, that is, applying scientific findings and educating the public about them. This page is not meant as a recommendation for information about mySleepButton or insomnia. Media interviews are typically very short and informal. They are aimed at a general audience. They are not suitable for highly nuanced, technical discussion. We encourage anyone interested in mySleepButton to read books and articles on sleep and cognitive science by scientific authorities. Chapter 11 of Luc’s book, Cognitive Productivity, provides detailed tips for assessing knowledge resources (books, podcasts, articles, etc.), including news media resources. Readers might also wish to check out our Sleep Tips and read the publications on Luc P. Beaudoin’s academic web site. Stay tuned there for more scholarly publications on which Beaudoin and his colleagues are currently working.


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