Month: April 2014

mySleepButton 1.0 now available on the iOS App Store

We’re pleased to announce that mySleepButton 1.0 is now available on the iTunes app store. mySleepButton is the first sleep app based on cognitive science, and hence the first one to use the cognitive shuffle. We hope you, too, will

Serge Beaudoin (Director General, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada)

I sometimes wake up at night and think of work and other issues and that can keep me awake for long periods. My brother’s technique (the cognitive shuffle) helps me fall back to sleep quickly and it has been extremely

R.M. (British Columbia)

I used the technique about 15 times and found it to be effective every time.

Nicki P. (California)

Nearly every night I use this technique. When I am ready to go to sleep (I am in bed with the lights out) I think of a word and then start with the first letter of the word and see

Michael Arsenault, MD (Pediatric Emergency Doctor, St-Justine Hospital, Montréal, Québec)

This technique has allowed me to stabilize my sleep cycle which is constantly disturbed by shift work in the ER. It really has helped me recuperate and function under high stress.

Judy Garner (California)

I have been falling asleep much faster since I started using the random word imaging method that Luc taught me. It words much better than counting backwards which I used to do. I also use it to “drop off” for

Jean (Quebec)

Finally a sleep aid that works and all without side effects. I use it often.