Brett Terpstra, Read and Trust Productivity Blogger, Endorses mySleepButton

Productivity software guru and Read and Trust blogger, Brett Terpstra, recommended mySleepButton in episode #104 of Systematic.

Systematic is a 5by5 podcast that focuses on topics that are near and dear to CogSci Apps Corp. and CogZest, namely creativity, productivity, work, and everything Mac and iOS. It covers some seriously geek issues as well as more mainstream topics.

Brett Terpstra’s coverage of mySleepButton starts about 51 minutes into the podcast (but you’ll want to listen to the whole thing).

Brett says:

The act of changing completely what you’re thinking about every 15 seconds or so disrupts your brain from being able to get onto what you were thinking about, to get onto those racing thoughts that keep you awake at night…

You just start to drift off and fall asleep.

I’ve found it very effective to get into really drowsy state where no thoughts can penetrate anymore.

This works better than Pzizz for me.

Brett’s favourite mode is the drawing mode, where one imagines oneself drawing the carefully selected sundry items mySleepButton presents.

We’re honored that Brett has recommended mySleepButton. I’m a regular reader of his his blog. I use Brett’s application, Marked 2, to preview this blog as I write it in Markdown. I also use nvALT to write notes in markdown. In fact, in Chapter 12 (“Delve”) of my book, Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective, I discussed his nvALT app. It can be used to rapidly take and access notes about information you’re processing.

Be sure to check out Brett Terpstra’s productivity blog.

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