Co-Founder Dr. Luc Beaudoin Will Present on Wearable Health Technologies at Engage Heart + Lung Health FEST 2018

CogSci Apps Corp. co-founder Dr. Luc Beaudoin accepted an invitation from The Institute for Heart + Lung Health (IHLH) to present on “wearables and their health value” at the 2018 “Engage Heart + Lung Health FEST”. This University of British Columbia-affiliated event will be held Feb 6-7,  at Sheraton Vancouver (registration here).

From the conference website:

Built on dialogue, expansion of viewpoints and ideas, and good cheer, the annual Engage Heart + Lung Health FEST provides an incredible opportunity to engage and learn alongside professionals from all relevant heart and lung domains. In the past years, FEST has set a standard for excellence, and FEST 2018 will be no exception. Hosted by the Institute for Heart and Lung Health, FEST 2018 will offer participants the opportunity to hear from top experts, present their posters, network with like-minded professionals, and celebrate successes in research and knowledge.

From the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation (HLI) website

The Centre for Heart Lung Innovation (HLI), previously known as iCAPTURE and the JHRC, was established as the Pulmonary Research Laboratory in 1977 […] Situated within Providence Health Care’s St. Paul’s Hospital, a University of British Columbia teaching hospital, the HLI is a translational research centre using our basic molecular and cellular research discoveries to develop innovative approaches to prevent and treat human disease through our complementary and connected clinical research. […] The Centre for Heart Lung Innovation has a unique multidisciplinary milieu that takes the best attributes of a busy tertiary care hospital (St. Paul’s) and combines them with the best attributes of a leading academic institution (UBC) to generate novel insight, knowledge, and solutions. […] We link basic science with clinical innovation

Dr. Beaudoin is honoured to have the opportunity to present with such distinguished speakers and to this foreword thinking audience. Beaudoin is particularly happy to be presenting on the same day as his former boss at Abatis Systems (1998-2001), Dr. Paul Terry, Chief Innovation Officer of PHEMI. Dr. Terry will be speaking in the Big Data symposium about “effective database design”.

PHEMI helps organizations in healthcare, insurance, government, and other industries unlock their data silos and complex data sources to extract valuable insights from their data while also ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information.
Whole-genome sequencing and other omic technologies generate massive amounts of data. The sheer size of “omics” data makes finding genetic and molecular variants related to a disease a daunting task. When combined with clinical information, the problem of isolating an appropriate drug treatment plan becomes even more complex. The PHEMI Central Precision Medicine Edition can simplify and scale the problem of genetically-based medicine to better disease prevention and treatment.

Dr. Beaudoin was the first employee of Abatis Systems, which was sold to Redback in 2001, where he was a Senior Member of Technical Staff. Beaudoin is an angel investor in PHEMI. Big Data is an area of interest of CogSci Apps that is particularly pertinent to mySleepButton.

Stay tuned for more CogSci Apps announcements in the realms of wearable technologies, big data and Cognitive Productivity :).

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