Learn to Help Yourself and your Clients: SnoozzZfest Virtual Conference – Oct 23-24

Sleep helps improve the health, wellness, and fitness outcomes of patients and clients! Right? If you agree, then it’s time to learn more about sleep wellness from sleep experts and health and wellness professionals who’ve already integrated sleep into their respective practices!

So, we’re pleased to invite you to the SnoozzZfest Virtual Conference – Oct 23-24. CogSci Apps cofounder Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin will give the keynote address.

Find out more at SnoozzZfest: All About Sleep International Virtual Conference – Oct 23 | Hopin.

SnoozzZfest is Hosted by Somnolence+:

We bring sleep wellness to communities, organizations, and individuals! We are working with the Somnolence Canada Foundation/ Fondation Somnolence Canada on SnoozzZfest to bring sleep health and wellness professional education to you!

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