(How) can bedtime thinking affect falling asleep?

We’ve created the infographic (below) to help you quickly grasp our recent paper, “Pre-sleep cognitive activity in adults: A systematic review” (published earlier this month in Sleep Medicine Reviews).
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I’m pleased to announce that our systematic review of the literature on pre-sleep mental activity has been accepted for publication as a Clinical Review by the prestigious, high-impact journal, Sleep Medicine Reviews:

Lemyre, A., Belzile, F., Landry, M., Bastien, C., & Beaudoin, L. P. (2020) Pre-sleep cognitive activity: A systematic review.. 50 (1-13). Sleep Medicine Reviews.

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Recently over at the Mac Power Users, someone asked whether it was worth trying to track sleep with Apple Watch apps. Another poster (“Rob”) asked whether consumer EEG devices (like Dreem) are any better. I provide some opinions (but no advice).

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The poster and abstract for our first contribution to the 2019 World Sleep Congress, Towards an integrative design-oriented theory of sleep-onset and insomnolence from which a new cognitive treatment for insomnolence (serial diverse kinesthetic imagining, a form of cognitive shuffling) is proposed… ,  are now available from SFU Summit: Item 18922. This is the first of three posters my colleagues and I will present there. This one I will present on Sunday, 2019-09-22. Read more ›

Dr. Luc Beaudoin, was interviewed by Monique Polloni @ Radio-Canada (BC and Yukon). He discussed insomnolence and perturbance, which are two of his scientific (technical) neologisms and concepts at the heart of his R&D on “insomnia” and “emotions”.

The interview was conducted in French. You can listen to it here: Comment lutter contre l’insomnie? (Boulevard du Pacifique).
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CogSci Apps co-founder and inventor of the cognitive shuffle, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin, continues his collaborative research on sleep onset and insomnolence. He and his colleagues at Université Laval, Université de Montréal, and Concordia will present the following three posters that all pertain to these topics. They present updates on:

  1. The somnolent information processing theory (on which the current and an upcoming new version of the cognitive shuffle are based).
  2. A systematic review of pre-sleep mentation. (The cognitive shuffle is based on a theory of pre-sleep information processing).
  3. A reflective examination of a recent empirical research project of Beaudoin and colleagues on insomnolence.

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Luc will be interviewed live on Radio-Canada (CBC Radio French), broadcast throughout Western Canada on Saturday morning at 8:25 AM Pacific. But if you do sleep in you can catch the interview later on podcast or the Radio-Canada website.

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I was interviewed about sleep by Ryan Takagi, Simon Fraser University Rowing Coach, who specializes in athletic wellness & performance. Here’s the podcast episode link:

My conversation with Professor Luc Beaudoin on sleep

At CogZest, I blogged about my New Co-authored Papers Submitted for Publication and Update on My Upcoming Books.

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