Podcast Interview of Luc P. Beaudoin by Ryan Takagi—About Sleep

I was interviewed about sleep by Ryan Takagi, Simon Fraser University Rowing Coach, who specializes in athletic wellness & performance. Here’s the podcast episode link:

My conversation with Professor Luc Beaudoin on sleep

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New Papers Submitted for Publication and Update on My Upcoming Books

At CogZest, I blogged about my New Co-authored Papers Submitted for Publication and Update on My Upcoming Books.

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Asking Questions About Grief and Limerence to Understand Emotions and Insomnolence

A claim my co-authors and I make in an upcoming paper on sleep onset and insomnia is that perturbant emotion causes insomnolence. This is not to say that perturbance is the sole cause of insomnolence. In fact, our theory proposes five postulates about the evolutionary design of the human sleep onset control system. One of the postulates pertains to perturbance. Read more ›

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Book Recommendation — Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker

Book by Dr. Matthew Walker

Book by Dr. Matthew Walker

Over the last several months, I’ve been too busy doing research and development —including on sleep onset and insomnia —, writing papers, and managing a new product launch, to contribute much to this blog. But the work we are doing will have major benefits for mySleepButton. I wish I could spill the beans, but first things must come first. Meanwhile, I would like to draw your attention to an excellent new research-based book on sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker called Why We Sleep.

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mySleepButton for iOS, version 1.4.12, Available — It Supports Siri Shortcuts

As promised, mySleepButton version 1.4.12 for iOS  has been released with support for Siri Shortcuts. You can now define shortcuts to tell Siri to “put me to sleep”, and it will start playing mySleepButton. This is handy if you’re sleeping alone and want to control mySleepButton without even looking at your iPhone or iPad. Read more ›

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Support for Siri Shortcuts Coming Up in mySleepButton 1.4.12 (iOS)

The next release of mySleepButton for iOS, version 1.4.12, will contain support for Siri Shortcuts. You will be able to tell your iPhone or iPad “put me to sleep” and it will launch or resume mySleepButton’s play. You will also be able to pause or stop mySleepButton. Siri Shortcuts are of course configurable

If you’d like to beta test the new version of the app, just send us an email using the app. Caveats: we first need to roll out a new build, and have Apple approve it (which can take some time). Also, we can’t guarantee that we will accept all beta testers (due to time and resource constraints).

Quartz on The Importance of Getting Lots of Sleep

Last year Quartz published an article by Lila MacLellan on mySleepButton: An app that helps you sleep, built on cognitive science. On the 10th of this month, Quartz published You should be sleeping more than eight hours a night. Here’s why . I highly recommend this article.

Quartz publishes useful, high caliber articles. It is owned by the venerable Atlantic Media. It is one of my favorite websites.

Updates: Japanese Pack and User Interface! Bug Fixes

We’re very pleased to announce the first public results of a longstanding project, which is to bring mySleepButton to the Japanese speaking world. Read more ›

Good ‘news’ about Sleep Promotion

Media and researchers alike often focus on the dark side of sleep: that (and why) we don’t get enough sleep, and that sleep deprivation has significant adverse impacts on biological and mental health, well-being, productivity and error rates.  Amongst the many other things sleep researchers study, they also study behaviors and interventions that promote sleep. It is difficult to measure the impact of this research on a societal scale. However a study was published online in January (and available in print this month), whose authors argued that sleep duration in the US may be improving, perhaps as a result of the dissemination of sleep research. Read more ›

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