Release notes for mySleepButton for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

### mySleepButton 1.4.7 (2018-01-10)

Please see Known Issues.

  • New built-in simple things pack.
  • Updated overview help file.

mySleepButton 1.4.5 ( 2017-08-18)

Introducing mySleepButton Kids pack! A mySleepButton pack designed specifically for CHILDREN is now available as an in-app purchase! This content has been vetted to contain only words that are likely to be understood by children 4 years and up! The help files , available under Settings, reflect this new pack.

This version fixes an issue where users were unable to switch to female voice for French mySleepButton Scene pack (synthetic voice).
More minor improvements are also included.

mySleepButton 1.4.4 (2017-06-24)

Addressed an issue where purchased packs seemed to have expired, even after doing a “Restore”. This issue also spontaneously goes away, as it seems to involve an internal in-app purchase queue used by Apple.