This page documents issues that are known (or strongly suspected) to exist with recent versions of mySleepButton for Android (not for iPhone). If you have not yet upgraded to the latest version of mySleepButton, please do so.

This document describes work-arounds when they are available.

Gradual roll out of mySleepButton 1.0.31 for Android

2017-08-05. We have begun a gradual roll out of mySleepButton 1.0.31 for Android which addresses an issue some users were having: erratic inter-item intervals and pausing. If you install this version and yet encounter this issue, please contact us.

Known Issues with mySleepButton 1.0.30 for Android

There are reports on some devices of mySleepButton for Android (only) prematurely stopping play, and having erratic inter-item intervals. We are currently investigating this issue.

2017-07-28 : we have identified what we feel is a solution.

Known Issues with mySleepButton 1.0.29 (and before) for Android

2017-05-14. There is an issue where users can only change the volume while a word is playing. If there is no media playing the volume doesn’t work which trips users up. This has been fixed in 1.0.30.

(Thanks to those who reported issues with previous releases.)