Problem solved. No known major problems with mySleepButton.

Past notices

2020-11-06 ( Friday)

We now have what we think is a working solution. We expect to submit mySleepButton 1.6 to App Store later today.

2020-11-04 (Wednesday)

Our solution required more tweaks. We have refined and extended the fixes. The solution is better, but needs more work.

We continue to work on it. The end result will not only fix the iOS 14 issue, but make packs persist better on all versions of iOS.

Thank you for your patience.

2020-10-31 ( Saturday)

We have isolated the issue, which affects iOS 14 users. We have developed a solution which will be in mySleepButton 1.6. We are testing and tweaking this solution. We expect this to be available for users by the end of Nov 2nd, if all goes well. (Apple will need to review our update).


There is an issue affecting iOS 14 users of mySleepButton. Users are having difficulty downloading mySleepButton packs. We are working on it.

We have temporarily removed mySleepButton from App Store until this is resolved.