This page was last updated on 2018-02-16 at 11:06 PM (PT)

This page documents issues that are known (or strongly suspected) to exist with recent versions of mySleepButton for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. mySleepButton 1.4.9 is the current release. If you have not yet upgraded to the latest version of mySleepButton, please do so.

Major updates to Simple Things and Scenes packs

In December 2017 we released our most substantial improvement to the Simple Things pack to date. In early 2018, we released a major update to the Scenes pack.

Please refer to the mySleepButton Release Notes, for information on the current and prior versions of mySleepButton.

mySleepButton 1.4.9 for iOS (2018-02-16)

We have modified mySleepButton for iOS to work around a bug in iOS 11 that caused crackling noise when using the speaker. Thus, there is no longer crackling. (Here’s a blog post on the history of this issue.)