This page was last updated on 2018-01-10 at 5:19 PM.

This page documents issues that are known (or strongly suspected) to exist with recent versions of mySleepButton for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. mySleepButton 1.4.7 is the current release. If you have not yet upgraded to the latest version of mySleepButton, please do so.

If you have not updated your packs since 2017-12-16, please do so because we have released our most substantial improvement to the Simple Things pack to date.

Please refer to the mySleepButton Release Notes, for information on the current and prior versions of mySleepButton.

mySleepButton 1.4.7 for iOS

Sound Issues with iOS 11 (Affecting only iPhone 7 and 8 BUILT-IN SPEAKERS only; does NOT Affect Other Models, or  Earphones, or External Speakers )

Some users have reported a clicking or crackling sound during the play of mySleepButton packs with iPhone (not iPad) when using the iPhone’s built-in speaker (not external speakers or earphones).

This issue started happening when iOS 11 was released, and only affects some iOS 11 users. There are several reports that iOS 11 introduced such issues, affecting many different iOS audio apps.  One user sent us recordings of this sound. We compared it with our own recordings and found a difference (i.e., the glitches are not in our recordings). Moreover, the  crackling happens in random locations in our recordings. The recordings work fine in iTunes.

This issue does not happen when earphones or external speakers are used.
It does not affect iPhone 6, iPhone X or iPad

As of iOS 11.2.5 some users still report this issue.

The issue does not appear to be a fault in mySleepButton’s recordings or mySleepButton itself.


Since the initial introduction of iOS 11, Apple has issued minor updates to iOS 11 to address sound issues.  We had expected iOS updates to resolve these issues (as, for example, it was reported recently that YouTube itself has acknowledged being affected by this, though not all YouTube users experience it). Unfortunately, some users still report issues with some audio-playing apps.

We filed an Apple Developer Technical Support Request for this issue.  Apple investigated and concluded this calls for an iOS bug report (rather than a change in mySleepButton itself). We had previously reported this via another bug report. We then issued Apple Bug report #36336008. We will update mySleepButton as soon as we develop a work-around to this iOS 11 issue; however situation calls for Apple itself to fix the iOS 11 audio bug.


If you encounter this issue with your built-in iPhone speakers, we recommend: using a wireless headphone (e.g., an AirPod), an external speaker, a device that is not affected by this issue (iPad, iPhone 6, iPhone X, or an Android device) and/or contacting Apple Care citing the bug number 36336008, particularly if you experience the issue with multiple apps.