Pre-sleep cognitive activity in adults: a systematic review (Sleep Medicine Reviews journal article)

I’m pleased to announce that our systematic review of the literature on pre-sleep mental activity has been accepted for publication as a Clinical Review by the prestigious, high-impact journal, Sleep Medicine Reviews:

Lemyre, A., Belzile, F., Landry, M., Bastien, C., & Beaudoin, L. P. (2020) Pre-sleep cognitive activity: A systematic review.. 50 (1-13). Sleep Medicine Reviews.

This is the first systematic review of the subject. 743 records were identified, and then systematically pruned to a core list that met our criteria. We believe this paper may be of use to any researcher who wishes to better understand the state of the science on the subject.

I intend to provide a knowledge translation “digest” for a general readership.

Revision history

2020-01-11. I updated this post given that the article was officially published earlier this week.

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