Reconceptualizing insomnia and emotions in terms of insomnolence and perturbance: An interview with Luc P. Beaudoin on Radio-Canada (French)

Dr. Luc Beaudoin, was interviewed by Monique Polloni @ Radio-Canada (BC and Yukon). He discussed insomnolence and perturbance, which are two of his scientific (technical) neologisms and concepts at the heart of his R&D on “insomnia” and “emotions”.

The interview was conducted in French. You can listen to it here: Comment lutter contre l’insomnie? (Boulevard du Pacifique).

Luc is Adjunct professor of Cognitive Science and of Education at SFU, co-founder of CogSci Apps Corp., and inventor of the cognitive shuffle and mySleepButton.

Here is an early paper on emotion as perturbance:  Wright, Sloman & Beaudoin (1996): Towards a Design-Based Analysis of Emotional Episodes

Luc Beaudoin and his colleagues will present research on this subject at the World Sleep Congress, September 2019.


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