Opportunities: Ph.D. Co-Supervision; App-Developer, QA and Marketing Assistant

We have several classes of opportunities available at the moment. Please get in touch via email (see our contact page), with the email subject starting with “Opportunities:” followed by the title below. (Please do follow this format.)

Being Co-Supervised for your Ph.D.

Co-founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin is open to co-supervising Ph.D. or master’s students in the following areas:

macOS App Productivity App Developer

We are developing a new type of macOS app to help improve users’ cognitive productivity. Experience developing applications specifically for the macOS platform is required, as is very extensive familiarity with the macOS platform.  (Java apps and cross platform apps don’t count for the latter criterion, though of course the general experience helps). You need to be passionate about productivity.

Quality Assurance Specialist

For our new macOS app, we are looking for a part time QA specialist with some experience and education in Quality Assurance. As such, this position is suitable for students seeking to gain experience with a young, small but very ambitious Canadian software company whose co-founder, Luc P. Beaudoin, has experience as an at-founding employee of two of Canada’s most successful high tech companies (by valuation), and whose co-founder VP R&D, Brian Shi, has experience with established Fortune 100 companies. We’re small at the moment, but we use great development processes.

Software Marketing Assistant

We are looking for a part-time marketing assistant to help market our iOS apps, starting with mySleepButton. This position will report to our marketing manager.

E-book Marketing Assistant

CogZest is looking for an e-book marketing assistant to market its current and future books. While its current book, and two books in progress, are authored solely by CogZest founder, Luc P. Beaudoin, CogZest does expect to publish titles with and by other authors.

Grow with us…

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