Dr. Sylwia Hyniewska —Affective Scientist on Board of Advisors

CogSci Apps benefits from its collaborations with several researchers. Some of our advisors are listed on the CogZest Advisory Board web page. In this post, we would like to acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Sylwia Hyniewska.

Dr. Sylwia Hyniewska is an affective science member of the Advisory Board of CogZest and CogSci Apps Corp. She is a researcher at the Bioimaging Research Center and a Fellow of Higher Education Academy. She has a double Ph.D. from two of Europe’s most prestigious institutions: a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Geneva (the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences) and in Computer Science from CNRS/Telecom ParisTech.

Dr. Hyniewska contributes to CogZest and CogSci Apps Corp. extensive expertise in all levels of emotions — physiological, neural, cognitive, expressive, feeling, motivational, and behavioral. She has published many scholarly papers on a wide range of topics in affective science, with a particular emphasis on the processing of emotions from faces and behavior. She has several exciting research projects in progress.

Drs. Hyniewska and Beaudoin have recently co-authored a paper on perturbance, an important aspect of human emotion:

Beaudoin, L. P., Hyniewska, S., & Hudlicka, E. (2017). Perturbance: Unifying Research on Emotion, Intrusive Mentation and Other Psychological Phenomena with AI. Paper presented at the Symposium on Computational Modelling of Emotion: Theory and Application at AISB-2017. Paper available from http://summit.sfu.ca/item/16776.

They will also present on emotion and insomnia at ISRE-2017 (The biennial conference of the International Society for Research on Emotion) in St.Louis:

Beaudoin, L. P., Hyniewska, S., & Bastien, C. (2017). Towards an affective information-processing theory of sleep onset and insomnia. Forthcoming (accepted) ISRE-2017 conference presentation. Abstract available from http://summit.sfu.ca/item/16915

Hyniewska and Beaudoin have active research projects on perturbance, other aspects of emotion and insomnia.

CogSci Apps are informed by a deep understanding of cognition, affect and conation. As such, Dr. Hyniewska’s expertise and empirical rigor are highly valued.

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