mySleepButton for iOS, version 1.4.12, Available — It Supports Siri Shortcuts

As promised, mySleepButton version 1.4.12 for iOS  has been released with support for Siri Shortcuts. You can now define shortcuts to tell Siri to “put me to sleep”, and it will start playing mySleepButton. This is handy if you’re sleeping alone and want to control mySleepButton without even looking at your iPhone or iPad.

The programmable mySleepButton commands enable you to define shortcuts to start or resume playing mySleepButton, and to pause mySleepButton content.

You can define Siri Shortcuts in the Settings app or the new Shortcuts app. Check out Apple’s user-friendly instructions.

Please feel free to share your favourite mySleepButton Siri shortcuts with the world via Twitter @CogSciApps or other social media platforms with hash tag, #mySleepButton.

Other Tips

If you sleep with a device in your bedroom, we recommend you consider turning off notifications and that you resist the temptation to interact with the device (e.g., don’t check email, social media, read news, etc.). We also recommend you use the Night Shift feature to control your exposure to blue light. That webpage and other pages on this website provide tips for helpful use of technology.

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