Update on iOS 11 Audio Crackling Issue Affecting iPhone 7 and 8 Users Only with Built-In Speakers (not Other Devices)

We have updated the  iPhone Known Issues page with latest information based on our continued investigations and interactions with Apple.

Please note : This issue does not happen when earphones or external speakers are used. We have had no reports of the issue on iPhone 6, iPhone X or iPad. And our tests indicate those accessories and devices are not affected.

Apple’s Developer Technical Support team, rather than provide us with a work-around for this iOS 11 problem, informed us this issue should be treated as an iOS 11 bug, which we have raised. Nevertheless, we continue to investigate ways to work-around this issue.

This apparent iOS 11 bug has cost us dearly in customer support time and developer time. We are grateful to our users for  communicating about this and being patient.  While we look forward to a solution, we are also grateful that there are work-arounds.


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