A recent media release from the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, “Is ADHD really a sleep problem? is currently reverberating on the web.

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The week before children even return to school is a good time for parents to remind themselves of the importance of sleep and basics of sleep. It’s a good time also to help their children adjust their sleep routines. This blog post provides a bit of information for parents on children’s sleep, along with some recommended readings.

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Child Sleeping Back to School is approaching. That means a transition in sleep patterns for children and parents alike!

Many parents know all too well that insomnia is not merely an adult’s problem. Some children also have difficulty falling asleep, whether initially or after they wake up prematurely. And when kids can’t sleep, neither can their parents.

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A mySleepButton research assistant has been vetting the content of all our packs, to weed out suboptimal items. She tried working on this in the evenings, but there’s a problem: reviewing mySleepButton items makes her feel drowsy to the point of nodding off! That is, of course, exactly what the Somnolent Information-Processing theory predicts…
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I am 71 and have been unable to easily fall sleep without lorazepam for years. When I started reading about the possible harm the drug might be doing, I went into action. I read about sleep and tried a number of apps. Then I came across an article in Forbes. Then I read more about your app and the cognitive shuffle. I was intrigued. It made perfect sense.

I tried the app a week ago and I fell asleep. The next night I put it on for an hour so I would not end up worrying that it would end before I fell asleep. I have fallen asleep every night, sometimes in minutes, but never more than around 20 minutes. No more drugs.

Thank you.

(Anonymous, June 15, 2017)

Are nice people more susceptible to insomnia? Recent research may have implications for this question, which until recently was rarely previously asked.

Callous? Unemotional? Chances are you won’t be losing any sleep over it
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One of the interesting things about the somnolent information processing theory is that it combines research from many different disciplines and areas of cognitive science. As such, it’s important to try to keep abreast of a wide variety of cognitive science research.
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We continue to receive loads of positive feedback on the cognitive shuffle in general and mySleepButton in particular.  For example,

I haven’t slept a good nights sleep in years. Its sporadic at best from all the tossing and turning. Last night I downloaded the app recommended by The Bobby Bones Show. Took 10 min I was out for the count. Never woke up till this mornings alarm. Thank you and please send a thank you to Bobby Bones radio show. He only recommends superb items and apps. Might want to think,about having him endorse this wonderful gem!
(Jules Fischer, via FaceBook 2017-05-24)

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