Updates: Japanese Pack and User Interface! Bug Fixes

We’re very pleased to announce the first public results of a longstanding project, which is to bring mySleepButton to the Japanese speaking world.

Japanese Pack in mySleepButton version 1.4.10 !

On the App Store on Monday, we released the first version of mySleepButton for iPhone and iPad that includes a Japanese user interface, and a Japanese simple things pack. This means that if you set the iOS settings to Japanese language, the mySleepButton app will be presented to you in Japanese! Whether you do that or not, you can now purchase and use a Japanese Simple Things pack!

We had planned to support Japanese from the earliest days of mySleepButton. However,creating a new version of mySleepButton in a language that none of our team speaks required selecting a translator that understands psychology (because our app is heavily steeped in cognitive science), and doing a major transfer of knowledge to her. We had several false starts, and wanted to get it right. This is just the beginning. We are requesting feedback from Japanese users so that we can perfect mySleepButton for Japanese speakers.

mySleepButton for iPhone and iPad Sound Fix

In working around an issue with the iOS media player recently (the infamous crackling noise issue introduced by iOS 11), we inadvertently introduced a noise issue of our own: a static noise sound between items. This was due to using a media encoding that iOS dislikes (MP3). The issue is solved in mySleepButton version 1.4.10

mySleepButton 1.0.41 for Android

On the Android side, we have solved issues that appeared recently as a consequence of  moving our statistics server away from GreenGeeks. All Android users should update to the latest version of mySleepButton for Android.

As you can tell from the version numbers, we have been quite busy in the last year rolling out changes for the Android platform.

Other Work

Since its introduction in 2014, we have continued to improve mySleepButton. We continue to support empirical and theoretical research on sleep onset and insomnia, with a view to advancing science , improving mySleepButton, and helping you sleep.

We have several updates in the works based on this research.

Meanwhile, we are also working very hard on a new app, which we have teased on the CogSci Apps and CogZest websites.

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