Sleep Helps You be a Better Partner, CogSci Apps Aims to Help You Be More Effective Generally

Given that the entire brain/mind requires sleep, it is not surprising to read about particular benefits of sleep, nor is it surprising to read ‘new’ ill effects of sleep deprivation.

The New York Times published an article, “Relationship Problems? Try Getting More Sleep”. But before reading that, if you do read it at all, please consider the following.

CogSci Apps does not engage in research to add to the list of benefits of sleep, or drawbacks of lack of sleep.  In our view, the verdict is clear: sleep is essential.

We try not to go on and on about the drawbacks of sleep deprivation. The major “cognitive” model of insomnia, produced by Allison Harvey, argues that worrying (about sleep or other issues) is a major contributor to insomnia. I agree. Therefore, I believe reading articles about sleep deprivation’s effects can contribute to insomnia. If you’re worried about sleep, why read about the ill effects of sleep deprivation? Of course, you need to try to get enough sleep. But you already know that (if you don’t, then yes, inform yourself). Instead of reading such articles, why not take the time you would have spent reading about the importance of the sleep you’re not getting, and apply it to practicing mindfulness and acceptance skills? You might try accepting that sometimes sleep won’t come to you, even if you do everything by the book. And as we often repeat: the cognitive shuffle is not meant to be a panacea. (Read The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris for more information. We also have other resources on this website on the subject. Just search for “mindfulness” on this website.)

One of the major problems CogSci Apps addresses is to understand the sleep-onset control system, and based on this understanding, to develop techniques that help induce sleep. The cognitive shuffle is a family of cognitive techniques. We develop information processing theories using the “designer stance”,   explore members of this family, implement techniques in software (such as mySleepButton), and conduct empirical research on them.

CogSci Apps aims to help you be more effective. mySleepButton® is our first iOS app.  We have several developments to mySleepButton in the works. We also have entire new products, in our R&D “pipeline”, based on my R&D in cognition and affect. These products are based on R&D of mine that began in 1990. I was a founding member of The Cognition and Affect project, which combined AI and other cognitive sciences, including psychology. Our products aim to help you be more effective.

To get an idea of the broad scope of personal development CogSci Apps are designed to help you with, read my first book Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective).   I hope it will make you positively excited about your personal development.

President, CogSci Apps Corp. Author, Cognitive Productivity

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