Comments on Summaries of Ellis, Cushing, Germain (2015) “one-shot” CBT-I

A study published June 1, 2015, on the benefits of a single-shot of CBT-I (Ellis, Cushing, Germain, 2015 has received a lot of media attention and generated considerable discussion.

The controversy (including a reddit thread with over 1,000 comments, and counting) was sparked by how Northumbria University chose to describe this study.

I published a response on my SFU insomnia blog.

I will point out that the objective pursued by Ellis, Cushing and Germain of developing and assessing simple interventions for insomnia is a laudable one. We, at CogSci Apps Corp., too are developing and testing simple interventions — in our case delivered via mySleepButton.

President, CogSci Apps Corp. Author, Cognitive Productivity

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