Poster Presentation on Sleep Onset and Insomnia

One of the interesting things about the somnolent information processing theory is that it combines research from many different disciplines and areas of cognitive science. As such, it’s important to try to keep abreast of a wide variety of cognitive science research.

On Saturday June 3, 2017, I attended and presented a poster at the very excellent Cognitive Science Workshop hosted by Simon Fraser University (organized by Dr. Endre Begby). Keynote were very illuminating.

  • Lisa S. Pearl (UC Irvine, Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences) “Computational models of language acquisition: Why, how, and what we can learn”
  • Brian Scholl (Yale, Psychology), “How does seeing relate to thinking?”

Coincidentally, I had skimmed and intended to finish reading Dr. Scholl’s BBS paper , which is what he presented Saturday. Some of the issues on the modularity of vision that he raised were discussed in Cognitive Productivity.

There were several other great presentations, including one by Doğan Erişen (SFU) on “Sleeping bodies, dreaming minds – yet another ground for the debate between embodied and traditional cognitive science”, which is relevant to our concerns here at

At the workshop, I presented a poster, “Towards a theory of sleep onset and insomnia that considers conative, affective and cognitive processes, and from which treatments are derived”.  The handout is available from SFU Summit.

I will have more to say about this workshop in the future. Stay tuned 🙂 .

President, CogSci Apps Corp. Author, Cognitive Productivity

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