Using Wireless Speakers with Audio Apps to Keep Smartphones and Tablets out of the Bedroom

Many sleep experts recommend removing smartphones, tablets, computers and smartwatches from the bedroom. This is primarily because many adults and children cannot resist interacting with such devices if they are nearby. And even if these people don’t use the devices, they might unconsciously be vigilant with respect to the device, which can potentially delay sleep. Even people who are sufficiently self-regulated to have the device by their beside should normally, at a minimum, put their devices in “do not disturb” mode, meaning that notifications should be disabled.

Users who are not sufficiently self-regulated to have a smartphone on their night-table and who want to use an audio app (like mySleepButton) to help them fall asleep may wish to consider using wireless speakers. iPhone, iPad and Android devices can be configured to send audio to the wireless speaker or wireless headset.

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