Testimonials: “the answer to sleepless nights ” and More…

We continue to receive loads of positive feedback on the cognitive shuffle in general and mySleepButton in particular.  For example,

I haven’t slept a good nights sleep in years. Its sporadic at best from all the tossing and turning. Last night I downloaded the app recommended by The Bobby Bones Show. Took 10 min I was out for the count. Never woke up till this mornings alarm. Thank you and please send a thank you to Bobby Bones radio show. He only recommends superb items and apps. Might want to think,about having him endorse this wonderful gem!
(Jules Fischer, via FaceBook 2017-05-24)

All I can say is …. this is the answer to sleepless nights, when the hamster wheel is in overdrive. I feel like I haven’t slept for months, having a really tough time, waking up in the morning feeling exhausted. I heard a quick snip on CBC radio re: Serial Diverse Imaging, interest piqued for obvious reasons ! I down loaded the App last night, OMG – I was astonished. It worked, even though I woke up three times, each time putting mySleepButton back on, I fell right back to sleep. I want to say THANK you Dr.Beaudoin, and all the other scientists involved in coming up with this brilliant App. (c. 2017-05-02 customer feedback)


I’ve used many sleep aids over the years. This one is the best so far. I fall asleep every night using my sleep button. – Bobcat 11 ; Jan 5, 2017


Puts me to sleep every time! This works incredibly well and I have a very hard time going to sleep sometimes[…] This is like a miracle for me, so thanks to the developers!

We’ve had much coverage in the media. Very often, the media comment that they’ve tried the technique themselves and were surprised by its efficacy. Still, we only occasionally post testimonials. They are not substitutes for rigorous research data. Compare our upcoming posts on our research-driven improvements.

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