Testimonial: “I downloaded your app and our lives changed for the better!”

No method for falling asleep, including serial diverse imagining, works for everyone. There’s always more R&D to do on this subject, and we keep on doing it. Stay tuned for some major, exciting developments about our R&D, including mySleepButton, in Dec and in 2018!

We receive a lot of positive feedback about mySleepButton, and are very pleased about our ongoing research programme. We received the following testimonial recently from Scott S of BC (Canada).

I’m emailing to say thank you.

My son is three years old. He’s had problems falling asleep. Some nights he was up late and was grumpy the next day. In fact I’d be grumpy too because my night consisted of tucking him and snuggling him over and over for hours.

Then I downloaded your app and our lives changed for the better!

We’ve been using My Sleep Button for months as part of our bedtime routine for him. He even asks for “visualization” each night as the last thing we do together.

I personally enjoy a little nap with him at bedtime as I too fall asleep to the sound of “visualization”.

Thank you for not only helping our son fall asleep but also for helping our family have a positive bedtime routine.

If you ever choose to make swag, t shirts or PJs etc, please let me know. It would be so cool to put on our My Sleep Button clothes before bed with our son.

We started using the app in early 2017. It’s nearly been a year.

We’ve been using the Simple Things pack but recently downloaded the kids’ pack and have been using that.

Keep up the great work!
You’ve made a huge difference in our family!

Scott S from B.C.

For more information about the children’s pack, please see Kids Pack: The Cognitive Shuffle and Children’s Sleep. Notice that this parent was with the child. Some parents liken this to reading a bedtime story. It is also possible to broadcast mySleepButton to a wireless speaker, which ensures that the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) is not in the same bedroom as the person trying to fall asleep, sleep guidelines discourage leaving mobile devices with children at bedtime.

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